Black Flannel Brewing Company – Black Flannel Brewing Co. serves superior beer and liquor paired with farm to table cuisine, all crafted in-house, for folks who notice the little things. Come enjoy our huge storefront in Essex and watch your food and drink be prepared before your eyes.


“We pair well with people.”

“Best Burger and Beer in a Burger and Beer State”

Willard Street Inn – The Willard Street Inn is a grand Victorian style mansion situated the heart of Burlington, Vermont, which hosts up to 34 guests in classic luxury. Guests may take in the history of the building, have a walk around the beautiful grounds or eat their breakfast in the vegetable garden outside, all before they even leave for the morning.


“Everything Exactly How It Should Be”

“Burlington’s Best Bed and Breakfast. Emphasis on the Breakfast.”

SGETI TRUCK – The city’s ONLY spaghetti-based food truck run by a REAL Italian. He’s got the attitude, he’s got the accent, and you KNOW he’s got the sauce.


“SGETI. Five Dollars.”

“You want it or not?”

“Red sauce by the Boss”

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